Abogados en Envigado con servicio en toda el area metropolitana de Medellin. Contamos con un equipo de profesionales entre estos: abogado disciplinario, abogado experto en medicina laboral, abogado administrativo, abogado de transito y otros. Consultenos al 334-2633.

English Speaking Lawyer in Envigado

Need an English Speaking Lawyer in Envigado?

If in need of an English speaking lawyer in Envigado or any other municipalities near Medellin, then you have reached the right place. We have a team of English speaking attorneys ready to assist you in any legal issue you may be facing. Contact us and schedule a consultation today.

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english speaking lawyer in envigadoWhether your situation involves criminal charges, family law related issues, business situations or even immigration status, we can help. Our team of experienced English speaking lawyers includes one of the best criminal defense attorneys in Colombia. We also have a team of family law experts that can help you confront any child custody, divorce or separation, and any case involving family law.

To round up our team of English speaking lawyers, we have commercial and immigration lawyers on hand. As well as an in-house investigation unit to help our clients address their situation all in one place. So our law firm is probably one of the best choices in the Medellin metropolitan area and beyond, to confront legal issues in Colombia.

Tel. 305 290 8910

Our main office is in Envigado but we have a branch office in Medellin and we also visit clients anywhere in Colombia. We offer virtual consultation and when clients prefer, we dispatch an English speaking attorney to their place of work or home. Clients can book a visit to their place or schedule a meeting with an English speaking lawyer in Envigado or anywhere they prefer to meet. Our consultation is not free but you can rest asure that our service is top notch.

Should you or someone you know require our expertise and/or representation do not hesitate to call and speak to one of our attorneys. This is the first step in finding out if we can assist you. If we are a good match for the situation, we offer many payment options to our English speaking clients. From Paypal to bank deposits or cash, as well as crypto transfers and payment plans if needed.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Envigado

Our English speaking criminal defense attorney is experienced in sex crimes and child sexual abuse cases, domestic violence, property seizure situations, tax fraud cases, drug dealing issues and many others. Do not hesitate to contact us at once if you have been arrested or are being investigated for any criminal conduct in Colombia.

Some criminal investigations stem from relationships between couples and/or commercial dealings. That is why we have a team of family law attorneys, commercial law attorneys and in-house investigators who work together to fight for our clients’ objectives and rights.

Family law and commercial law attorneys

Our team of English speaking family lawyers has lots of experience with child custody and child support cases, divorce and separations, property disputes, marriage in Colombia and many other family law related situations.

In our commercial law department, we have a team of experienced English speaking lawyers to handle any business situation. From business creation to liquidation, bankruptcy, brand registration, patents, copyright infringement, labor disputes, as well as immigration and many others. So give us a call to arrange a consultation with one of our English speaking experts.

Tel. 305 290 8910

Colombian Legal Advice in English

All our attorneys are trained in mediation procedures and experts in tactics of negotiation. The first option in any dispute should always be negotiating. If negotiations fail, then our expert litigators will fight to reach the best outcome possible for our clients. Trust your legal situation to our law firm and your case will be in good hands.

Our English speaking lawyers are well known in local courts and government offices. So we are great allies in fighting for your interests or rights in any legal situation. Our law firm can be contracted on a monthly retainer contract and/or per need basis.

No matter what the situation is, if you or a loved one is facing any legal issue in Colombia, we are an excellent option to call. Get your legal advice and/or representation from an experienced English Speaking Lawyer in Envigado.